Sounds that RELAX!!!!!!

Those regular readers of my blog will notice, that things have been,how shall I say,somwhat ‘quiet’ on the article front of late. This is due to a personal matter, that for a while had a real effect on my life. I couldn’t do anything that involved any kind of effort, and while I LOVED creating articles, even that was just FAR too much effort.

Even this 1st post back is somewhat of a departure from my normal articles about space news and rocket launches? WHY?

Because I’d like to ask YOU a question

What are the sounds that relax you?
What are the sounds that, when you hear them, gives you a feeling of relaxtion and wellbeing?
After a hard day at work, what are the sounds, that when you hear them, make the tension simply ‘wash away’?

Over the last few months,sounds that helped me relax have included:

– Birds chirpping in a forest
– The sound of the sea lapping against the beach
– Wind in the trees
– Water in a stream

Relaxtion has had a very important part to play in the life recently, and I’m interested in what sounds make YOU relax; feel in control.

Join the discussion below….

Many Thanks,


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